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Mrs. Eva Budd was born in Cincinnati (now known as Brinklow), MD on March 14, 1913.  She shares her birthday with her only living sibling, Sarah ‘Peaches’ Wills.  They are ten years apart. Miss Eva currently resides in West Virginia with her daughter Brenda Johnson and son-in-law, Fred Johnson. She has lived in West Virginia since 2007. Prior to moving to West Virginia, Miss Eva spent most of her years on the “back road”.

She attended the Apex Beauty School in New York City.  She was very proud to be skilled enough to learn Croquignole curls.  In her heyday, Miss Eva enjoyed dancing, especially at the Savoy Ballroom.  While attending Apex she received many letters from her future niece, Mary Parker. These letters told her how much Mr. William “Baby” Budd liked her.  She acquiesced and eventually married him.  The Barber and the Beautician set up house on Brooke Road.  Brenda was born and Gladys ‘Sugar’ was inherited by Mr. Baby.  Sugar passed away in early 2000. 

Miss Eva attributes her longevity to the blessings of the Lord.  In the early 1960s she became a member of Emmanuel Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brinklow and now is a member of the Serenity Seventh-day Adventist Church in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

She cherishes her memories with the Mercedes Club and is their longest living member.  This club was well known for the annual trips to the York, PA fair as well as various social activities. According to her daughter, ‘she never learned to ride a bike. We’ll let that one go. She is happy and content!’ Miss Eva Budd passed away May 14, 2021.

Miss Eva, we salute you!

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